VB4-P-35 U1

Outdoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker VB4-P-35 U1 with porcelain insulation is used in open switchgear 35 kV newly built complete transformer substations KTPB (A) -110/35/10 (6), KTPB (A) -35/10 (6), as well as to replace air and oil switches at existing substations.
The three poles of the circuit breaker are mechanically connected and operated by means of a spring
motor drive.
The switch body is hot-dip galvanized.


Parameters Value
Rated voltage, kV 36
The highest operating voltage, kV 40,5
Rated current at 50 Hz 1600; 2000; 2500
Rated breaking capacity, kA 25; 31,5
Rated making capacity, kA 62,5
Rated withstand voltage of industrial
frequency, kV
– in the main circuit
– in the auxiliary circuit
Rated impulse withstand voltage, kV 95
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage,
Switching coil voltage, 50 Hz AC, V 220
Trip coil voltage, 50 Hz AC, V 220
Trip coil voltage No. 2, 50 Hz AC, V 220
Trip coil current No. 3, DC, A 5
Number of poles 3
Number of vacuum chambers per pole 1
Opening time, no more, ms 50
Disconnection time, no more, ms 60
Turn-on time, no more, ms 100
Turning on electric/ manual
Opening electric/manual
Degree of protection IP 55
Mechanical durability, operations 30 000
Overall dimensions, mm 1954