VB4-P-35 U2

VB4-P-35 U2 circuit breaker with a spring-motor drive is intended for use in complete switchgears (switchgear) of high voltage internal and outdoor installation, as well as for replacing used switching devices in the switchgear of the past years of release.
The circuit breaker consists of a housing, three poles, and an integrated spring-motor drive.

high mechanical life;
high switching resource;
low power consumption for on and off circuits;
the ability to control operational circuits on direct or alternating current;
the possibility of implementing a mechanical blocking of the switch closing;
a closed cast pole is used.

Parameters Value
Rated voltage, kV 36
The highest operating voltage, kV 40,5
Rated current, A 1250; 1600; 2000; 2500
Rated breaking current, kA 20; 25; 31,5;40
Thermal withstand current for 3 s, kA 20; 25; 31,5;40
Electrodynamic stability current, kA 63; 80; 100
Rated impulse withstand voltage, kV 190
Rated test voltage with mains frequency, kV 80
Rated voltage of control circuits, V
– with alternating current
– at constant current
110, 220
110, 220
Operating voltage range in control circuits, Uн:
– for power and control circuits
– for DC disconnecting electromagnets
– for AC tripping electromagnets
Power consumption of electromagnets for switching on and off, with direct and alternating current, VA / W 250
Own turn-on time, no more, s 0,045
Non-simultaneous operation of poles off, no more, with:
– when turned on
– when disconnected
Rated duty cycle В – 0,3с – ВО -180с -ВО
Distance between pole axes, mm 280; 360